Won't Change Don't Complain !!!

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This is the “Official Policy” at the World of Nutrition.
The first time that you bring your problem (?) to us you have our permission to whine, wail, cry, argue, groan, moan, complain, whimper, fuss and or fret until you’re finished.
We, in turn, will ask you endless questions concerning your problems. For instance, “Are you under a Doctors’ supervision?” (we don’t go where angels fear to tread) smiley face.
“How long have you had the problem? Is it better or worse?
About when did it start?” Etc. Why do we ask a steady stream of questions?
Our experience is that most people have the answer that they’re looking for but don’t realize it.
We remind our customers that, “You have a brain and you have the right, (the responsibility) to use it!”
Here are a few scenarios for you to contemplate. “Once upon a time…….”
Louise came in complaining of severe stomach pain and asked, “Do you have something for pain?” She had seen several specialists and tried several medications which she said didn’t help her situation.
We talked about experimenting by removing certain foods from her diet such as gluten. She did it and the pain disappeared.
A few weeks later she came back again asking for something for pain. She said that she had seen her Health Care Provider and told them how she had eliminated certain foods that she found exacerbated her problem and that now she was pain free!

She told us that she went back to eating those foods because she was told that those foods couldn’t be the problem! Her next question? “So, what do you have that could help me with my pain?” My answer? Your Brain!!!
She said that she didn’t feel qualified so she would try to find another specialist!!!!!
Hmmmmm!!!!!  Won’t change? Don’t complain!!
Then we have Laura who spends $40.00 a month on supplements to reduce inflammation. She always begins her request with, “Don’t tell me again that tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and potatoes, (to name a few) cause inflammation.
I KNOW IT! I know immediately after eating my tomatoes that I’m going to be in pain!! AND I’m not going to stop. I LOVE TOMATOES!!!!!”
Hmmmmm! Won’t change? Don’t complain!
How about William? “I love my cake!!! I just have a sweet tooth. Every time I eat that stuff my hip hurts more.
I’ve made a lot of changes, but getting rid of sweets won’t be one of them! My meds will take care of the pain.”
Hmmmmm! Won’t change? Don’t complain! Oh, and by the way, you better pray that we don’t have a storm that causes the pharmacy to close! Now for my closing “Experience”…
A gentleman came into our store and said to me, “Someone said that you could help me”. He was quite rotund and pulled up his shirt to show me the evidence of the needle punctures that resulted from his daily injections of Insuline.
The conversation went like this:
“I’m Diabetic and someone said that you could help me to get better.”
“First I have to ask you some questions to see if I can help you, to help yourself”.
“What do you need to know?”
“What kind of foods should you be reducing?”
“What do you mean?”
“What kind of foods will elevate your sugar and cause even more weight gain?”
“Well, Carbs. But I’m not going to get rid of any of my carbs. I’ll just increase my medication!”
“Then, I’m not going to take your money. Another store might, but I won’t.” “You mean that you won’t help me?”
“No. No. I could help you to help yourself. However, you told me that you know what your problem is. You know how to fix it.
And, you said that you won’t! So? You need the Health Care Provider that can prescribe the medication and needles that you need to put in your stomach!”
His response? “You’re CRAZY!!!!!” My response? “That’s been said before!” He turned and stomped out of our store. I wish him well.
Hmmmmm!!!!! Won’t change? Don’t complain! Our motto? “If it’s to be, it’s up to THEE!” “And they lived Happily Ever After…”

~ Jan~Tab

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