Newsletter optional point of view: Hi, I’m Janet Barre’ sharing “my point of view” concerning a nutritional approach to dealing with numerous and often perplexing health problems. Where does my source material come from?

Personal (-nel) adj. 1. Private; individual 2. Belonging to, pertaining to or affecting a particular person.

Experience (ek spir’ e ens) noun 1. The act of living through an event(s) 2. Anything or everything observed or lived through 3. (A) training and personal participation (B) knowledge, skill, etc., resulting from this.

Forty years ago I took a detour from the mainstream procedure to solving health problems and began investigating and applying a nutritional plan instead. I own and operate my own health food store and share my discoveries and observations with my customers. Please examine my real life anecdotes and see if any of them “fit.” I trust that this information will do more than entertain you.

What’s on the agenda today? That annoying, often painful, sometimes itching, frustrating, and embarrassing problem that doesn’t even have the decency to be pronounced the way it’s spelled. Psoriasis. There is also another condition which is called by an equally unattractive name - Exczema - that can cause misery.

For forty years I’ve been making the same suggestions as to how to deal with these and other skin problems. Guess why? Because it usually works

One of my customers, Eleanor, who is a registered nurse, approached me one day to discuss her friend’s problem. It was a sticky situation because her friend, Barbara, was not only a nurse but also Eleanor’s boss. The subject of vitamin supplements was practically anathema as far as Barbara was concerned.

Well, just like friends don’t let friends drive drunk and are willing to incur the wrath of their friend by hiding the car keys, Eleanor jumped in with both feet and told Barbara, “you keep saying you’ve tried everything and can’t find a solution to your problem. Well, guess what? You HAVEN’T tried EVERYTHING

Barbara had been plagued for years with the P word, Psoriasis.

Usually, psoriasis starts with flaky patches of skin. If it starts in your scalp, you’ll probably think it is severe dandruff. People in any age group and can develop this. It can range from flaking patches of skin to inflammation that covers the entire body. This was Barbara’s situation. It’s hardly just unsightly - it’s dangerous because the skin is supposed to serve as a protective barrier.

How interesting that the medical books say that it can flare up for no apparent reason. “Apparent” is the operative word. With anyone who is battling psoriasis or exczema and many other skin problems, just watch them blossom after they have their starches and sugars (in any form)... (we know how sugar destroys those important B vitamins that help to nourish the skin).

Eleanor said that she tried not to act too excited when Barbara agreed to come with her to the health food store and “listen”.

Barbara started her conversation with, “I don’t believe that anyone can help me. I’ve been to every major hospital and clinic for years, here and across the country. I’ve taken every treatment and used every cream. I’ve used cortisone, prednisone, salicylic acid, and cancer drugs. I’ve had ultraviolet treatments but finally stopped because it can increase the chance of skin cancer. The cancer drugs can have adverse affects on my bone marrow, kidneys and liver , so , of course, I stopped that. I’ll live with the psoriasis, instead of dying from the treatments. Trust me, you can’t help me ”

I said, “You’re right. I can’t. But maybe I can help you to help your BODY help you. You wouldn’t do to your CAR what you’ve been doing to yourself. I’m sure you know what kind of fuel your car calls for, but what kind of fuel do you give your body? I KNOW that you are a starch and sweet eater.

Your “food” of choice is probably chocolate.” She said, “I’ll die before I give up my chocolate.”

I said, “That’s an interesting declaration.”

To make a long story short, (this account is already too long ) She agreed to invest in a totally different approach for 30 days.

She said, “If you can help me, I’ll give you anything you ask for.”

I answered, “I can’t help you. I can only make suggestions. You have to do the work.

However, if you get results, you can bring me a balloon.”

After about two months of stopping and starting, whining and complaining, not cooperating and cooperating with her diet and supplements, she came into the store and presented me with a pretty mug that had a huge balloon attached to it. You would have to have seen her originally to appreciate the moment. From the soles of her feet to just below her chin she had had this horrific inflammation. Now with tears in her eyes, she handed me my balloon and said, “last night for the first time in years, I went to a dance with my husband and wore a short-sleeved gown.” She put tears in MY EYES

Oh, P.S. She didn’t fire Eleanor. A friend in need is a friend indeed


Oh, and P.P.S. Update on Rose Feld and her “macular REGENERATION”. She’s now sewing hems again and says, “I WILL be back on my sewing maching.”

As for Lewis? He is one of those who read my newsletter on diabetes and he has joined the reanks of those who have changed their diet and are taking supplements AND is off his diabetic medication. Marie? She FINALLY got serious, changed her foods, takes her supplements, and doesn’t need to ask for a chair when she comes in like she had to when her arthritic pain was so severe


Take what you want from this account. I’m not a doctor, and I’m not prescribing. I’m just sharing this personal experience and my point of view.

Thanks for your company, Janet Barre’

**Publisher’s Note: Janet is a published author. Her book YOU BETTER NOT CRY, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Janet owns and operates the World of Nutrition On Market Square in Newington, CT 06111.

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