Macular Degeneration

Newsletter optional point of view: Hi, I’m Janet Barre’ sharing “my point of view” concerning a nutritional approach to dealing with numerous and often perplexing health problems. Where does my source material come from?

Personal (-nel) adj. 1. Private; individual 2. Belonging to, pertaining to or affecting a particular person.

Experience (ek spir’ e ens) noun 1. The act of living through an event(s) 2. Anything or everything observed or lived through 3. (A) training and personal participation (B) knowledge, skill, etc., resulting from this.

Forty years ago I took a detour from the mainstream procedure to solving health problems and began investigating and applying a nutritional plan instead. I own and operate my own health food store and share my discoveries and observations with my customers. Please examine my real life anecdotes and see if any of them “fit.” I trust that this information will do more than entertain you.

Please let me introduce Rose Feld.

This charming, witty, entertaining 87-year old widow lives in a high rise for the elderly across the street from my health food store in Newington, CT. She comes in regularly for her bananas and staples. Over the years her major lament concerning the challenges of old age was the progressive loss of her eyesight. She said that for her the saddest thing was not being able to read anymore. After ringing up her purchases, she would hand us her change purse so we could take out the money for her.

In the interim, I had been doing some reading about nutrients that are critical for the health of the eyes. I hadn’t needed a prescription change for seventeen years. I was happy about that. I decided to take those particular supplements to hopefully insure my eyes not getting worse. After a couple of weeks, I was having great difficulty seeing up close and far away. I assumed that my eyes had finally taken a turn for the worse. I made an appointment and went in for an exam.

The doctor said, “Well, your problem is that your vision has improved twenty-five percent. What are you doing?” I said “nothing”. I really didn’t think about the new supplements that I was taking because I always take an assortment of vitamins every day. In two months, I was back to the doctor again. Another fifteen percent improvement “What are you doing?”...”Nothing”. A few months later, the same scenario.

However, this time, I said, “I can’t believe that this night be the answer, but I’ve been taking some new supplements for the eyes and this apparently is the result.” I have now changed my prescription for the better six times in the past two years The doctor now has his mom on the same vitamins. He said, “I have to believe what I see ”

I began to discuss this with all my customers who have eye problems, be it cataracts or whatever. For most, the results are amazing. The most stunning observation was the effect on macular degeneration. Every single person who has come in with this condition and has started on these supplements has seen the condition cease getting any worse. Maybe there will be someone it won’t help, but I haven’t found him or her yet. One gentlemen that came into the store to pick up some vitamins for someone else heard me relating these exciting events. He said, “Give me some of those vitamins. I have macular degeneration and have been told it can only get worse.” That was on a Saturday. That Tuesday, he came into the store. He said, “I had to get in my car and come here to tell you that I can’t believe what’s happening. For the first time in I don’t know how long I could see the license plate in front of me clearly It’s incredible ” This is a typical result for my customers. I can relate experience after experience with the same outcome. I can hardly believe it myself.

Back to Rose Feld. I began to try to persuade her to try these vitamins. She would say things like “I’m too old, my dear. There’s no hope. The doctors told me that there’s nothing you can do to stop macular degeneration.” I offered not to charge her for the supplements if she would just try it. She said, “Oh no. I couldn’t do that ” About eight or nine months ago, she came in for her bananas, handed me her purse to take out the money and said, “I’m ready. I want to buy those vitamins.”

A week went by. Two weeks. Three weeks. Week four she came up to the counter as usual. She pointed to a display with large letters. With a twinkle in her eyes she asked, “Do you want me to read that to you?” I was stunned. SHE READ IT TO ME. As often as I see this, it still shocks me. She then proceeded to take her money out of her purse HERSELF and paid for her purchases. Does she have 20/20 vision? Of course not. Does she have to hold her money up close to see it? Yes Does she have to hold her reading material up close or use a magnifying glass? Yes, but SHE CAN READ AGAIN and tells me that she keeps improving.

That was astounding. I was happy if it just didn’t get worse. Rose Feld is a “happy camper”. Her family is also quite delighted. Last week another customer came in who has the same problem and is using the same nutrients. She said that when she tells people that her vision is improving, they say that it must be her imagination

Some of my customers are bringing in reports from their doctors with verification of their progress. Is it the doctor’s imagination too??? Hmmmmmmm.

Take what you want from this account. I’m not a doctor, and I’m not prescribing. I’m just sharing this personal experience and my point of view.

Thanks for your company, Janet Barre’

**Publisher’s Note: Janet is a published author. Her book YOU BETTER NOT CRY, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Janet owns and operates the World of Nutrition On Market Square in Newington, CT 06111. *ROSE, NOW 94 YEARS OLD, IS PLAYING BINGO AND SEWING HEMS

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