Kidney Stones

Newsletter optional point of view: Hi, I’m Janet Barre’ sharing “my point of view” concerning a nutritional approach to dealing with numerous and often perplexing health problems. Where does my source material come from?

Personal (-nel) adj. 1. Private; individual 2. Belonging to, pertaining to or affecting a particular person.

Experience (ek spir’ e ens) noun 1. The act of living through an event(s) 2. Anything or everything observed or lived through 3. (A) training and personal participation (B) knowledge, skill, etc., resulting from this.

Forty years ago I took a detour from the mainstream procedure to solving health problems and began investigating and applying a nutritional plan instead. I own and operate my own health food store and share my discoveries and observations with my customers. Please examine my real life anecdotes and see if any of them “fit.” I trust that this information will do more than entertain you.

To start off, guess who one of our star performers is today? Andre.

It was my “hair day”, that one wonderful self-indulgent hour each week that I live for. I went into the shop, and there was Andre leaning over the counter. His face was ashen.

“WHAT is wrong with YOU?”

“I have another kidney stone. I don’t want to go into the hospital, because the last time I was in for the same thing, I almost died. I was there for a month.” “Well, you’re going to have to do SOMETHING. You should start with Apple Cider Vinegar.”

“I have a KIDNEY STONE. I’m not thinking about making a salad The doctor said that nothing is going to move this. It’s HUGE ”

“Okay, but while you’re thinking about how you don’t want to go into the hospital, start taking Apple Cider Vinegar and maybe you won’t have to go.”

As I was going through the doorway to go to the store to BUY him some Apple Cider Vinegar, he said, “You’re crazy ” I replied, “A lot of people would agree with you.”

Undeterred I went to get the Apple Cider Vinegar. I came back and encouraged him to put 3 tablespoons in a glass of water and just SIP it.

“Every 2 or 3 hours, do the same thing. Every time that you go to the bathroom, piddle in a handkerchief, and eventually you will see this grit come out.” He just laughed.

The following week I went back. Andre was NOT leaning against the counter AND his face was NOT ashen. He was his own perky self. He said, “Janet, I can’t believe it. It worked. I said to myself ‘what do I have to lose?’” By the next day I had no pain and saw the grit come out. The doctor had called to have me come in. I agreed to come in just for an x-ray. Guess what? There was nothing there. The doctor said, ‘That’s impossible, it must have dropped into your bladder. We HAVE to go in ’”

“Excuse me, go in where? Check what? You said it was much too large to move, so how could it just DROP inot my bladder? I saw the sediment come out. I have no pain, and the x-ray indicates that there’s nothing there. Don’t call me. I’ll call you if I need to.”


Now for another little drama. Two weeks later I came back to be “indulged”, and Andre came up to the counter when he saw me come through the doorway.

“You’ll love THIS story. My son-in-law was in big trouble with kidney stones about a week and a half ago. They had him scheduled for surgery a couple of days ago. I told him last week, ‘try the Apple Cider Vinegar.’ He was sure it wouldn’t work for him, but he said he’d try it. Even though he wasn’t feeling any more pain, the doctor said that they had to ‘go in’. He was in his hospital bed prepped for surgery when they took a final x-ray to pinpoint where the stones were. Voila They were gone ” (He didn’t let them “go in”.)

I’m sure there are cases where the Apple Cider Vinegar wouldn’t work, but I haven’t seen it fail yet on anyone INCLUDING “yours truly” about three years ago. The doctor said “hospital ” I said, “LATER ” Apple Cider Vinegar “FIRST ” Guess what? I drank the water and Apple Cider Vinegar all night (while in excruciating pain) and kept piddling through a handkerchief. 9am...Voila Voila Voila There was the debris for my two green eyes to see (WOW I just made a rhyme )

I’ll end this with an extremely dramatic account. Some years back one of my customers came in looking totally destraught.

She said, with tear-filled eyes, “Janet, they’re going to cut my mother’s feet off.”

Cut your mother’s FEET OFF???

“You know that she lives on her own. Well, she started having this problem with her toenails growing down and in instead out up. I didn’t realize how bad it had become. We found all kinds of medications in her apartment. We couldn’t believe how many there were. The doctor said that this can happen, the nails growing INTO the toes, from being ever-medicated. Gangrene is even an issue. Soaking isn’t doing anything. The nails won’t come out. It’s so bad that the doctor said they have to cut her feet off, and they have scheduled her for surgery. They were both just devestated with this prospect.

“Look You can always cut her feet off. Let’s try this first. It might sound crazy, but Apple Cider Vinegar is great for killing infections, etc., and Vitamin E is great for healing. From now on, until her “appointment with losing part of her anatomy”, let’s try this.” (Her mom was quite elderly and willing to be compliant.) “All of her waking hours, let her sit in a chair with her feet soaking in Apple Cider Vinegar with just a little water added. At night, slather her toes and feet with E-creme. It has aloe vera gel and A and D and E, which are VERY healing. Do I think it will help? I don’t have a clue But what do you have to lose?”

Guess what? Of course, I wouldn’t be writing this if it didn’t have a happy ending, a VERY happy ending, and INCREDIBLY happy ending You guessed it All the dead skin came off, and the nails came away from the skin. Everyone was astounded, including me. Was a happy ending guaranteed? NO Did we have one? YES

At Psalms 139:14, the Bible states that “we are wonderfully made.” Give the body nutrients it needs to heal, and most often you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We are INDEED “wonderfully made.” That’s definitely a statement worth contemplating.


Take what you want from this account. I’m not a doctor, and I’m not prescribing. I’m just sharing this personal experience and my point of view.

Thanks for your company, Janet Barre’

**Publisher’s Note: Janet is a published author. Her book YOU BETTER NOT CRY, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Janet owns and operates the World of Nutrition On Market Square in Newington, CT 06111.

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