Newsletter optional point of view: Hi, I’m Janet Barre’ sharing “my point of view” concerning a nutritional approach to dealing with numerous and often perplexing health problems. Where does my source material come from?

Personal (-nel) adj. 1. Private; individual 2. Belonging to, pertaining to or affecting a particular person.

Experience (ek spir’ e ens) noun 1. The act of living through an event(s) 2. Anything or everything observed or lived through 3. (A) training and personal participation (B) knowledge, skill, etc., resulting from this.

Forty years ago I took a detour from the mainstream procedure to solving health problems and began investigating and applying a nutritional plan instead. I own and operate my own health food store and share my discoveries and observations with my customers. Please examine my real life anecdotes and see if any of them “fit.” I trust that this information will do more than entertain you.

IBS (A combination of intermittent abdominal pain and irregular bowel habits, i.e. constipation, diarrhea or both).

ACID INDIGESTION (Usually caused by splashing up of fluids from the stomach to the esophagus resulting in burning pain).

GERD (Can result from persistent reflux of stomach acid over a period of time).

CHROHN’S (A chronic inflammatory condition that can affect any point of the gastro intestinal tract).

COLITIS (Inflammation of the colon, large intestine, causing diarrhea, usually with blood and mucus).

All of these definitions printed here have been taken from medical books. They are not all-encompassing. They are simply highlights. Your physician or personal research will yield extensive comprehension of the subjects. This is simply an overview.

It’s time for you to meet Eddie. Eddie was my first customer for the day. I unlocked the door, and he walked into my store with a very long “to buy” list. He poured out his story about suffering for many years. He had been diagnosed with Colitis and went on and on describing all of his treatments that hadn’t worked so far. He had used all of his insurance benefits and was now $7,000 into his savings, depleting those also. Now, surgery was being discussed. With no insurance and no savings, that wasn’t an option.

He told me that he had started researching on the internet to see what help he could find. The very long list of products he had written down was the result of his search. He said, “I’ve never tried a nutritional approach. I’m up for anything if it can help”.

His “special” problem? He had planned to move and get married but had canceled his plans. “I’m just too sick”, he said. His list was very long and very expensive. I had all of the items, but I said, “Let’s try something simple first. Let’s try to soothe the digestive tract. Sometimes there’s a simple solution to a long-standing problem”. I gave him (no charge) a couple of things to just try for a few days. He came back smiling. You would have to have been there to “feel” his relief. Then I made a few more suggestions to help undo the damage. Did it help? Well...nothing works for everybody. However, EDDIE GOT MARRIED

Various difficulties with the digestive tract can cause a lot of similar symptoms, such as bloating, gas pain, constipation, allergies, inflammation, acidity, heartburn, weight loss, just to name a few Typical was Joanna, a young woman in her 30's. When she first came in her major complaint was Raynaud’s. Her fingers were white from poor circulation. Could we help? A couple of suffestions proved useful, but didn’t solve it. Next, her hair was turning white. Diagnosis? PREMATURE AGING Next? MENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS. Diagnosis? PREMATURE MENOPAUSE More symptoms, more diagnoses, (BONE PROBLEMS, ANEMIA, ARTHRITIS ) New diagnostic determination? SCLERODERMA One turns to a rock and dies

Week after week, month after month, we kept trying things that would alleviate the “symptoms” for a while. I asked question after question trying to pinpoint the problem. Another mystery, her BREAST WAS HARDENING Then I asked the breakthrough question, “How is your digestive system?” She had never complained about that so the question wasn’t high on my list. Now? It’t one of the FIRST QUESTIONS I ask

Her answer? Oh, I’ve been taking a prescription of (a well-known antacid) for years. BINGO Some of the recorded, possible side affects of these drugs in the PDR book are a prevention of absorption of critical nutrients, anemia, breast enlargement in men, joint pain, also bone fractures, skin problems, just to name a few. It’s always wise to do your homework if you’re taking any drug OR nutritional supplement. Be your own detective Well I gave her the first two things I gave to Eddie. That was on the weekend. The following week she came in and literally danced around me. It’s been all uphill since then. Her breast immediately went back to normal along with her hair, etc.


She’s on the internet now talking with whoever wants help. She’s on a mission to “enlighten” others who night be in the same situation. No one would think it strange to question your apprehension at the idea of your “DINING OUT” at the city dump, so don’t think you’re strange if you QUESTION ANYTHING that you put in your body, drugs (or nutritional supplements). Be an “INFORMED CONSUMER”

Nothing is written in stone. MIGHT there be other options in dealing with our ailments? Question? Talk about it Read Play detective Use your brain You might be amazed to find out just how “brilliant” you really are. The possible fabulous “SIDE EFFECTS”? You get to share your discoveries and successes and maybe help to improve or totally change someone else’s life HMMMMMMM It doesn’t get better than that

Take what you want from this account. I’m not a doctor, and I’m not prescribing. I’m just sharing this personal experience and my point of view.

Thanks for your company, Janet Barre’

**Publisher’s Note: Janet is a published author. Her book YOU BETTER NOT CRY, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Janet owns and operates the World of Nutrition On Market Square in Newington, CT 06111.

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