If You Like Happy Endings

If you like happy endings you’ll love this “true story”.
A couple came into our store looking for help for their puppy.
They had rescued Holly, an abused dog.
Unfortunately, Holly had seizures, the vet put her on phenabarbitol which stopped the seizures but made her vicious.
Now she’d have to be put down.
“How can you help us?”
“I’m not a vet”.
“What if it were YOUR dog?”
“I usually give animals ‘people vitamins’ with my Vet’s blessing.
If a person came in who suffers from seizures, my medical research and experience would suggest that they consider an amino acid, Taurine, with vitamin C.
So far, it’s worked for people, so, let’s see!”
The next day we got a call from Holly’s caretakers.
They were able to take the protective collar off of Holly…no more seizures!!!
Holly sent us a “Thank You” note for saving her life.
At the end of the week she came in to thank us personally.
They all lived happily ever after.

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Another Puppy Happy Ever After
Hi Everyone!!
Another couple came into our store who also had rescued an abused animal.
“Daisy”, was happy with her new protectors but had serious kidney problems.
The antibiotics were making her sicker.
“What would YOU do?”
“I’m not a vet.”
“What if it was your puppy? We don’t want to put her down.”
“Well, I have a formula that works great for humans. Also, the Primadophilus can help to build the good bacteria back up to help her little body heal itself.
B5 & Vitamin C are also excellent when the body is being stressed. See what happens.”
The NEXT DAY Daisy’s keepers were on the phone telling me that she was starting to improve.
The following week, Daisy visited us at the Health Food Store to say, “Thank You!” in “Person!”
We love our job!!!
Janet & Tabitha

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“The Mystery Of The Burning Feet”

Hi Everyone!!!
This is the mystery of the burning feet.
Rosa stood in front of our counter with pain written all over her face.
“I’m in agony from my burning feet.”
“Sometimes burning feet are a result of a B6 & B5 deficiency.”
“The pain is terrible. Just give me something until I can see the doctor.”
“When did it start?” “Three weeks ago.” “Hmmm.
You’re pretty specific about the time element.
what changed in your life 3 weeks ago?” “Nothing!”
“Something changed in relation to your feet. What?” “Nothing!”
“Yes it did!” “The only thing that changed was my sneakers..
I bought new sneakers.” “It’s your sneakers!”
“No, it’s not!”
“Yes, it is!” “No, it’s not! I don’t want it to be my sneakers!”
“It’s your sneakers!” “I don’t want it to be that. They cost me a fortune!”
“It’s your sneakers! Don’t put them on for at least seven days.”
ONE WEEK LATER………………….”Hi Rosa.
How’s it going?”
She put her head down and mumbled, “It was the sneakers!”
Don’t you just love happy endings?”

Janet & Tabitha
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Joint Pain

Hi Everyone,
My publisher (of my book, “You Better Not Cry”) called me from her home in North Carolina and said, “Well, I had to prove it to myself, and I did!!!
I was sure that I could find something just as effective for my joint pain as your “Flex Aide” that I was using.
Well, I’ve tried everything else out there that I was told was the same as yours.
It’s not!!!
It definitely doesn’t give me the same results!!!
So please send me the 180 size Flex-Aide.
I want my joint pain to stop!!!
When I go for my checkups I tell all the patients in the waiting room that they should at least try your product, then I give them your Toll Free Number.
My publisher is a cancer survivor and doing great!

Janet & Tabitha

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Back To What Works

Elizabeth came in last week, absolutely glowing.
I asked her how many amonths left, “before the baby’s here?”
“A week and a half”, she said. “A week and a half? I can’t believe it.
You’re too ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed'”.
Most of us looked like we needed 6 months of R & R a month before our delivery date , never mind a week and a half!!”
“It’s my ‘World of Nutrition’ vitamins! I took the others and lost all of my zip.
So I said to myself ‘I’m going to stick with what keeps me zippy!’
” Well, we’re waiting for the call, “Boy or Girl?”

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A few weeks ago Tony & his wife came into our shoppe & introduced themselves.
He said, “I prayed, looked in the Yellow Pages, found your store and here I am.
I’m not taking any more drugs, needles, x-rays, cat scans, MRI’s etc.
YOU have to fix me!!!
I’ve lost most of the vision in my left eye.”
“I have to fix you??!!”
“They said that they don’t see it, but maybe it’s a brain tumor.”
“And you think I can help you? You must be kidding!!”
“No I’m not!
They said it’s definitely oculitis, and maybe more.”
“Itis simply means inflammation, when did this start?”
“About a year ago.”
“What happened a year ago in that you can zero in on the time it started.”
I’ve answered that question 100 times!”
“You DO know. You’re the only one who does know.
You’ve possibly already suggested it & were told that it couldn’t be that.
Something happened about a year ago that caused it.”
After about an hour of questions I asked, “do you work around any kind of chemicals?”
His wife looked at him & said, “Ooooh!”
Well, it so happended that he makes jewelry boxes, and the finish that he was using THAT DAY was so overwhelming that he had to go outside.
THAT was the day his vision in that eye diminished!!!
I said, “let’s try something.
We have a formula that we have manufactured for us to support the health of the eye and addresses inflammation.
This is a month’s supply.
If this IS the problem, this should help.
If not, I’ll give you your money back and you’ll have to keep searching for an answer.
Two weeks later?
“Hi Janet, I don’t know if this is all in my mind but I think my vision is coming back!”
I don’t think it’s in your mind.
I think it’s in your eye!”
Two weeks later?
Tony came in to show me how he can read again & to replenish his “eye vitamins.”
I LOVE happy endings!!!

Janet & Tabitha

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Is There A Difference? What Do You Think?

Is there a difference between various brands of food supplements?
You might ask yourself this question before you answer; “Would you rather have plastic shoes or leather?
IF all supplements are therapeutically equivalent, then, no manufacturer would bother to spend the extra $ to find the purest source of raw materials.
My vitamin manufacturer goes the extra mile.
You can buy them with confidence!!!
Check out the paper money in your wallet.
Do you want it to read, “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE” or, MONOPOLY???

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A Commentary On Janet’s Book “You Better Not Cry”

A Commentary…You Better Not Cry…Really! Why Not?
For those of you who’ve read my book “You Better Not Cry”, you already know why I chose that title.
If you related to it, this “crying” article is for you.
For those of you who are about to read my book and identify with it, this crying article is for me.
Look at that.
You and you and I, the three of us, are attached at the hip, and we haven’t even met yet.
Let’s do it.
“Hi, I’m Janet Barre’.
When and if you so desire, I’d like you to introduce yourself to me.
Guess what I just figured out?
I’m not powerless.
It took me over 70 years to discover that I have the right to cry…anytime I please.
From the first moment I was told “You better not cry”, I’ve believed that I was powerless over crying.
That’s much, much, much too long to be imprisoned.
I’ve been liberated!
Has anyone ever said to you “You’d better not cry?”
Have you ever said it to yourself? If you’ve never asked that question, start practicing.
If you don’t, you can find yourself in an emotionless prison where your outfit, year after year, never changes.
This little outfit comes with a special designer label embroidered on the pocket over your heart.
It also has a little matching hat with the same designer label covering your brain.
On the label there’s a word spelled out in big block letters that really makes a statement: P O W E R L E S S!!!!!
Now for someone like myself who loves clothes, I was stunned to realize that I never objected to wearing the same outfit day after day.
What’s worse is that I never knew that at any time I could have exchanged it, or thrown it away and fashioned something much more attractive and comfortable for myself. Even being naked would have been an improvement.
At least it would have been all me – no place for a label.
I remember when I was young, biting my lip so that I wouldn’t give in to tears.
I remember being told, “Go ahead! Cry!
Then I’ll really give you something to cry about!!”
Hello! Excuse me! Pardon me?
You’ll REALLY give me something to cry about?
YOU’LL decide what should make me cry?
The pain and sadness in my heart that’s making water fall out of my eyes involuntarily isn’t a legitimate reason for me to cry?
You will deny my hurt?
You’ll find something that YOU think should make me distressed?
YOU’LL choose what should make me cry?
WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! I don’t think so. This is my MY cry!!!!!
Oh, if I could have spoken these words of this newly discovered wisdom to myself when I was 4 – 14 – 24 – 34 – 44 – 54 – 64.
The biggest lie I ever believed was that I was powerless to choose the appropriate time for tears.
Instead I learned to tolerate and adjust to the crying Do’s and Don’ts that others would choose for me.
I believe that I deserve an A+ in the “tolerating pain” course.
However, I’m sure that I won’t be named valedictorian of this class.
I have a lot of competition.
Yet, the adage “It’s never too late” is still sage, wise, saner, sapient, sagacious, savant, and just simply true!!!!!
(Took you on a little word trip there, didn’t I? I love words. (How about you?)
Let’s think about it for a minute!
If I never turned on the faucet in my kitchen sink or in my bathtub or in my bathroom sink or on the outside of my house where the hose is connected, how many things never would have been accomplished?
Your tear ducts are yours.
Only you have the right to decide if you want to turn them on or off.
Only you have the right to decide how to use them.
Express joy? Pain? Sadness?
Release pressure?
YOU decide how you’ll use them.
They’re YOURS!!!!!
YOU have the POWER.
What is your frustration? Freedom issues?
Identity problems?
Physical and/or emotional abuse?
Loneliness (real or perceived)? Unstable home life? Fears (real of imagined)?
Health problems? Feelings of unworthiness or not measuring up?
Not feeling loved or lovable? Anger? Outrage? Inadequacies?
I’ve seen all these places and more.
Talk about it if you want.
Search for a listening ear, if that helps.
Refuse to become an unwitting victim.
Bawl your eyes out.
It’s okay to let someone hear you.
If that’s what it takes so that you can be helped to develop the power that you need to save yourself.
Perhaps there’s a “book” developing in you right now that will eventually surface and incite others to tears.
As Martha Stewart always says, “That’s a good thing!”
If you want to call, I’ll listen, and I’ll hear you.
Your friend and fellow crier,

Janet Barre’

Publisher’s Note: Janet owns and operates the World Of Nutrition in Market Square, Newington, CT 06111. Phone: 860-666-6863 or Toll Free: 866-666-6863.

Perhaps you’d like to aske a question or share a personal experience with her.
You can always reach her a the World Of Nutrition.
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And He Lived Happily Ever After

Hi Everyone! Last week Ed & Gerry came in to do their vitamin shopping for themselves and Stan.
Stan who? Stan Kashman. Listen to this! Stan Kashman is now 99 YEARS OLD! (Young?)
He’s sharp as a tack, loves his newspaper & keeps up with courant events.
He attributes his longevity in part, to his “WORLD OF NUTRITION VITAMINS!”
How sweet is that?
We’re sure that other things also contributed, but Tabitha & I are happy to take some of the credit.
Dear Mr. Kashman, may you live forever in PERFECT HEALTH!!!!!

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I told you about my publisher who lives in Chapel Hill N.C. HAD cancer.
Everything is still looking good.
She tells everyone she meets how the WORLD OF NUTRITION “Flex-Aide” totally keeps her PAIN FREE from joint pain.
Well, her friend who also lives in Chapel Hill N.C. reluctantly “gave it a go”.
The results?
She was so happy with the relief, that she called our store to have us send the “Flex-Aide” and a few other products to her sister in Alabama.
We’re waiting for the results.
Tabitha & I are looking forward to having products with the “WORLD OF NUTRITION” label IN EVERY CUPBOARD in the country!
How about “THE WHOLE WORLD?!”
As a matter of fact a doctor in Poland who was diagnosed with severe Macular Degeneration opted not to have surgery immediately.
Instead, she is using our World Of Nutrition EYE VITAMIN recipe.
So far, no operation & she’s back to work!!!

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This Is Why We’re Still In Business

Ann came in this week to stock up on her vitamins.
We Were kind of surprised because she had moved to Deep River.
When we asked “Why would you drive that far? That’s alot of money for gas!” Her reply? “Because YOU ARE MY HEALTH FOOD STORE & ALWAYS WILL BE.
Thank you Ann!

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Guess What??? We’ve Gone Global!!!

Kathy Colello was in our store buying vitamins for her friend in England.
We mail our “World Of Nutrition” vitamins to people all over the U.S.A.
NOW they’re sitting in cupboards in England, Poland, and France!!!!!
Now, that’s exciting!

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