To All Of The "Loyal Birds" Who Continue To "Feed" At The World Of Nutrition

Tabitha & I were looking through the kitchen window watching "Loyal Louie" munching away at the bird feeder suspended off of the railing on the deck of our house.
"Louie" was the source of a mystery that we pondered since last November (2009).
Ever since we put up the feeder many many years ago, "our birds" stayed for the winter.
There are Juncos and Finches and our own "Mr. & Mrs."
Cardinal, to name a few.
The pleasure that they have given us over the years is immense in exchange for simply the "cost of seed", OUR contribution.
Now to the mystery.........At first I didn't think about the fact that day after day I would only see ONE Junco at the feeder.
Were there any other Juncos or ANY other birds for that matter, ever with him?
No! This became a topic of conversation.
"Tabitha, where are all of the other birds?"
"I can't imagine."
"Maybe they left the area and didn't realize that he wasn't with them."
"Does that make him an orphan?"
"Tabitha, this is very strange because I KNOW that I hear birds at 3 and 4 O'clock in the morning.
Why can't we see them?"
"Sometimes I see one other bird with him".
"I'm calling him "Loyal Larry".
"I like Louie better".
"O.K. Tab, we'll call him "Loyal Louie".
~The Mystery Is Solved~
Tabitha's sister Robin had come to visit toward the end of January.
We told her about the mystery.
What was her comment?
"Hmmmmm" (she does it too!)
THAT didn't solve the mystery!
I opened the sliding door in the kitchen and went on to the deck.
I looked to the left into my neighbor's yard.
The tall pine tree looked like something was shaking it.
I called Robin & Tabitha.
That tree is FULL OF BIRDS"
Then my eyes were drawn to the bottom of the tree.
THE MYSTERY WAS SOLVED! There was something new, a huge bird feeder at the base of the tree covered with bird food, (we just have one small feeder, but that's O.K. It's big enough to attract the birds that we want, the little ones).
Now, Louie could have eaten from that feeder, but, morning afternoon and evening, usually alone, occasionally with one companion, he rewarded US with the pleasure of his company in exchange for what we offered.
Because my brain is compelled to connect everything to everything, this is where it went.
"Tabitha, doesn't this make you think of our loyal customers who have stuck with us over the years?
For many many years, we were one of the very few Health Food Stores in a good sized area.
we made available things that health minded people COULDN'T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE.
We had the raw milk, the organic produce, the gluten free products, the sports nutrition, the dried herbs, the top quality dried fruit, beans, nuts, seeds and top of the line Brand named vitamins, the best of which is our own World Of Nutrition brand of course.
The big box stores started to open up.
The discount houses and catalogues.
We really thought that probably we wouldn't survive."
Well? Here we are in our 39th year.
Every day even WE are amazed that we're still serving you.
We're amazed and happy because we love what we do.
Have the "Big Bird Feeders" attracted former customers?
However, we may distribute less seeds, but, we still attract the "Birds" who MUNCH at OUR FEEDER with the BEST QUALITY "SEEDS" available.
So, to all of you "Loyal Louies" who have stuck with us over the years, Tabitha & I say, "Thank You".
We know that you don't have to keep feeding at out "Little Feeder" but you do. You constantly tell us how much we're appreciated.
We feel the same way about you.
The other day Tabitha said, "Look mom, there's a lot more birds back on the feeder, (our feeder ~ the little feeder).

posted by Janet & Tabitha

Another Reason Why I Love My Job

"It's Simply(?) What We Owe"
It was a typical day at the "World Of Nutrition", people coming and going, questions being asked & answered.
Then, I saw a new face, a very sad face.
"Hi, I'm Janet, may I help you?"
"Hi, I'm Doris and I really, really need help!"
Doris, indeed needed help.
I determined in that second that it was more help than I could possibly give.
I joked & smiled and said "at your service."
Her eyes were empty and had no lustre.
Her cheeks? Sunken in. Her teeth? Rotting.
Her clothing? Cloth draped over flesh which was hanging off of her bones.
She looked at me and said, "I don't want to die".
I responded, "O.K. don't die".
"I'm a drug addicted alcoholic.
I've lost my job and don't have a lot of money, maybe vitamins can help me to get better."
I thought to myself, "I don't think so!! But let me give her some hope."
"O.K. let's start with cleansing your liver. Silymarin (Milk Thistle) is great for that.
Also, your antioxidants are important to build up your immune system.
Liquid predigested protein is great for energy, so that would also be helpful".
I was putting the bottles on the counter while I was talking & explaining. Even with the discount I was giving to her, we were at about $50.00.
"O.K. I'll take that"
I rang it up and told her the total.
"I only have $5.00 but I'll come back with the rest."
The situation was too sad and pathetic for me to be upset.
"Fine! I'll see you later". Of course, I never expected that there would be a later.
About two weeks later Doris re-appears with seven dollars.
Her appearance had deteriorated even more.
She said that she felt a little more hopeful.
"You must be almost finished with the vitamins that you already bought, so, let me give you some more & you can pay me as you go along.
Maybe you'll get your job back."
She reluctantly accepted.
One of my employees who had been watching this unfolding drama, said to me, "Don't you realize that she's just taking advantage of you?"
Hmmmmm! "Advantage of",
1.) to impose upon
2.) to use for one's own benefit
3.) exploit
4.) profit my
5.) deceive.
For me to believe that I was being "taken advantage of" I would have to believe about myself that I am "naive", that is,
1. childish
2. un-schooled
3. inexperienced
4. guileless
5. un-suspecting
6. gullible
7. unsophisticated, etc. etc. etc.
It would be almost impossible for me, after having experienced over seventy years of life, to use those descriptive words in a personal resume'.
Actually I was profiting by enriching my own life by acting the way we were originally designed to act. I was simply paying what I owe.
Next, Doris brought her son in. Actually, he brought her in.
She was getting too weak & needed physical support. Her son? Same senario.
Rotted teeth. Addictions.
A bag of bones.
His purpose in coming to the store other than physically supporting his mom?
"I just wanted to thank you for helping my mother.
I love her very much!"
"It's what we owe each other.
I'm sure that you & your mom would have helped me in similar circumstances."
Doris hugged me and said, "I want you to know that I know that I am trash!
I know that I am a dirt bag when people call me that.
I know that I made the choices that brought me to where I am.
I know that I really only have myself to blame! But, I want you to know that you are the first person who saw what I really am but still treated me with kindness and respect.
I want to say Thank You for that"
I replied, "I just have to correct something you said, 'that I know who you really are'.
All I know about you is what I hear, see & feel.
I know what you've done. I've seen the fruitage of your actions.
I do know from experience, personal & other, that what a person does or how they act isn't necessarily, who they are!"
"To know who you are I'd have to be able to read your heart.
That, Dear Doris, is out of my realm!"
I didn't see Doris or her son for about a couple of months and assumed.......
Then, one afternoon I was looking outside of my store and saw a "piece" of car parked across the street.
It was dented-rusted-cardboard & paper in the windows. I watched as Doris' son got out of the car and pulled a good size child's wagon out of the back seat.
Then? He took a milk crate and put it in the front of the wagon. Then?
He lifted his mom, Doris, out from the car & sat her on the milk crate with her feet in the wagon & holding her with one hand, crossed the street to our store.
She was too weak to walk and he was to weak to carry her all of the way.
I was overwhelmed by what I was watching and opened the door for them. He then picked his mom up in his arms to bring her in.
He said, "my mom wanted to come and say 'Good-Bye', and Thank You' ".
"I'm dying, Janet".
"I know, Doris. There is a God who cares and who knows your heart.
I love you Doris, and your son."
"I love you too."
"I love you too."
We hugged. We cried. Dan carried her back to the car with his last, I'm sure, drop of energy.
He put the wagon in the car. We all waved, "Good Bye".......
For Now.
Am I relating this to say that I did a wonderful thing?
No! The wonder that fills you when you "pay what we owe" in itself, fills you with wonder.
Hmmmmm! Wonder.......
1.) a person or an event causing astonishment and admiration
2.) marvel at
3.) marvelous
4.) beautiful
5.) excellent
6.) the feelings aroused by something unexpected.....etc. etc. etc.
Indeed, this "unexpected event" that I experienced with Doris was astonishing, beautiful, excellent, and something to marvel at, for the three of us.
There is a Biblical admonition that states, "Do not be owing anybody a single thing, except, to love one another."
Hmmmmm! Simply pay what we owe. Sounds easy enough.


posted by Janet & Tabitha

"The Kidney Stone Caper" or "Let's Play Hide & Seek"

Gregory came in last week to pick up a copy of my newsletter about kidney stones and apple cider vinegar.
He told me that he had tried it and that it had worked.
He went on to say that after he had another x-ray it showed that the kidney stone wasn't anywhere to be found.
He had brought along his "urine collection" with the sediment from the dissolved kidney stone in it.
He was told that that was impossible and the "urine collection" was dismissed.
Further he was told that the kidney stone must have moved and was "hiding" and that he needed to reschedule for more x-rays to see where it appears again!
Hmmmmmmm! Gregory opted to "hang on" to the dissolved one in the "urine collection". He said that he just might keep it in his freezer.......forever.

posted by Janet & Tabitha

It's Never Too Late

Tabitha has been determined for a very long time that I NEEDED to see the "NEW YORK YANKEES" IN ACTION! IN PERSON!
In that I'll be 76 years old in a few months, four to be exact, I figured, "I think it's a little late for THAT!"
Tabitha? SHE THINKS it's never too late for anything that SHE THINKS should "be on the calendar." Sooooooo - Where did I find myself April 19th 2009? Right!
Walking up what seemed like 100 stairs to get into THE NEW YANKEE STADIUM.
As my MUSCLES were BURNING, I said to myself, "this better be worth it, they lost to Cleveland yesterday 22-4!!!!!"
Because EVERY DETAIL of ANY event gets me so excited & has me so fascinated, this blog would go on for days if I shared all the things that had my heart singing.
In that I'm not a bonefide sports enthusiaste, this event was much much more. First, Tabitha and I got to relax & laugh together all day long.
Second, the stadium is a marvel of concrete, wires, nuts, bolts, flowers, awesome photographic images of all "the greats", flashing lights and incredible technology.
My camera cried for mercy, but I just kept clicking away!!!
We cheered! We booed! We stamped! We clapped! We gasped! We laughed AND ate CURLY FRENCH FRIES.
(We didn't tell anyone that we owned a Health Food Store!!!)
We met an interesting gentleman while waiting in line.
His name is Joseph. He appeared to have a serious physical handicap.
However, he wasn't going to deprive himself of enjoying what there is to enjoy.
He had a collapsible stool to complete his "journey" to get from point "A" to point "B".
He would walk a certain distance (with difficulty) and then "rest up" on his little stool. Then? Walk-rest-walk-rest.
Guess what? He got to where he was headed, right along with the rest of us.
I told him that he was my inspiration for the day & days to come.
He made me think about how we can all carry our little "figurative" COLLAPSIBLE STOOL with us as we go through our days, weeks, months, years.
There are so many things that can slow us down or even bring us to a STOP. As long as we make it a "rest stop", it's all good!!!
"Thank you for the inspiration, Joseph".
I'm really glad that Tabitha didn't think it was "too late" for her mom to get to Yankee Stadium and see for herself what generates all that energy & enthusiasm for "the Game".
That was her intent, but this "LATE BLOOMER" got so much more than I bargained for.
I didn't just go and see the "NEW YORK YANKEES", i ended up having a totally unexpected adventure, Hmmmmmmm!!!
I'll have to give some more thought to whatever else I might think it's "TOO LATE" for.
P.S. The Yankees beat Cleveland!!!!!
After the ninth inning?
It was "TOO LATE" for Cleveland to do anything else but "rest up" on their little "collapsible stools" until they can move on!

posted by Janet & Tabitha

Seeing Is Believing

Tabitha had mentioned that Tango's eyes were looking a little cloudy. She asked the vet to check it out when he went to be groomed.
Just as she suspected, because a friend had suggested that he had cataracts, "cataracts WERE forming."
He's an eleven year old ShihTzu-Poodle, so, that was no surprise.
However, she decided to say, "NO!" to cataracts and "sprung into action!" We have an "Eye Vitamin Recipe" that we have put together and had manufactured for us.
So far it's been very helpful for most people and most eye conditions. I take it myself and have had my GLASSES CHANGED eleven times, FOR THE BETTER!!!
Now, back to Tango.
We had 2 other customers whose dogs were going blind.
After checking with the vet on the ingredients, we "GAVE IT A GO!!!" Both immediately started getting their vision back by taking our "PEOPLE" eye formula!
Tango already takes 100 units of Vitamin E every day to keep his little heart healthy.
He gets the contents of one capsule mixed in his food every day.
As a matter of fact the vet came to our store and got our vitamin formula for HER DOG!
We wish that Tango could be here forever, but, that's not how it works.
Domestic animals were put here for humans to take care of them.
Tabitha is making sure that Tango will be the happiest & healthiest that he can possibly be for as long as he is with her.
What a wonderful "assignment" we've been given. It's such a rewarding GIFT.
Tabitha said that when she first went to "pick out a puppy" she told herself that whichever one came to her first would come home with her.
If you've ever see

posted by Janet & Tabitha

The Canker Sore Caper

Cindy appeared on Thursday morning looking like a sad raccoon.
She had deep, deep, very dark circles under her eyes.
She said that one of the professional people in the area had suggested that perhaps we could help her.
Her diagnosed condition? BEHCET'S SYNDROME.
According to the Merck Manual, page 242, this is a inflammatory disease that can produce painful and recurring skin blisters and mouth sores similar to canker sores.
1. Your mouth filled with them!!!
2. Your private parts filled with them!!!
NOW imagine hearing that there is no cure!!!!!
For two years Cindy tried everything that was offered to help ALLEVIATE THE SYMPTOMS.
She had to get her nourishment via a sports drink bottle so it would go to the back of the throat to bypass the sores.
Sleep? Very little!
She would lie in bed hour after hour, day & night, just trying not to move.
When she had to eliminate she would have to bring a pitcher of water to pour over herself to combat the pain.
She took all of the medications, the steroids, the cremes, the injections that she had to administer to herself week after week, with no results.
She then applied for insurance to cover the cost of an extremely potent & expensive drug that would suppress the immune system drastically in hopes of it, at least, temporarily giving her some relief, but, at the same time, being reminded that she can never be cured. With Cindy, being only in her thirties, this information was overwhelming.
In light of all this, WHAT COULD I POSSIBLY OFFER that might be helpful?
Well, I always try to KEEP IT SIMPLE, no matter what the endeavor.
Remember Mary Poppins singing, "Start at the very beginning, the very best place to start!"?
Someone with a canker sore has to avoid any acidic foods.
JUST ABOUT EVERYONE KNOWS THAT! No tomatoes, oranges etc.
Junk food?
We all know there THAT belongs!
Good quality protein, healthy (non acidic) veggies?
That's the place to start.
Then? Supplements that I have observed over the past forty years, that have been shown to be very helpful in most situations.
OBVIOUSLY, nothing works for everyone.
Cindy wanted to see if she could be part of the "most" who are helped.
Knowing how serious her condition was, I didn't know what to expect BUT I WAS HOPEFUL.
That's just how I am. I choose to be optimistic!


SATURDAY Cindy came in again and told us that she had NO PAIN IN HER MOUTH.
TUESDAY Cindy called and told us that just a few little sores had surfaced but that SHE HAD NO PAIN!
SATURDAY The following week, Cindy came in. I hardly recognized her because her eyes didn't resemble a raccoon's!
The dark circles were gone.
Her mom & husband were thrilled.
SHE HAD NO MORE SORES. She told us that she had been contacted to begin her now scheduled infusion treatments that were so powerful that even catching a cold could be deadly.
One of the main warnings on the drug is that it can cause death.
Can you imagine how thrilled she was, that AT LEAST FOR NOW, SHE DIDN'T NEED TO EXERCISE THAT OPTION?
MAYBE, just maybe, if she continues doing what she's doing, SHE WON'T HAVE TO EVER EXERCISE that option!
HMMMMMMM! Let's all hope that the canker caper is over.

posted by Janet & Tabitha

A Love Story

This is the story of Jennie, Neil and Barkley. Neil is the husband, Jennie is the wife and Barkley is their THIRTEEN YEAR OLD love of their life, their precious POOCH.
Jennie had begun taking our "World Of Nutrition" Brand Eye Formula, "YOUR EYES".
She had macular degeneration and the vitamins were staving off more degeneration.
Actually, her eye condition was improving.
At the same time, however, Barkley developed some very serious problems including HIS eyes.
The vet said that the condition would worsen and he would be blind very quickly.
Jennie thought, "Well if these eye vitamins are restoring MY sight, hopefully, they could help Barkley".
THEY WORKED and his eyesight rapidly improved.
They came in to pick up more eye vitamins for him to hold him over until they returned from a trip that they were taking to England.
They were dismayed because we had run out of the product & were waiting for it to come in.
I said, "No problem, take my bottle".
(I keep a bottle of the EYE VITAMINS at the store to take myself during the day).
Jennie was VERY grateful and VERY relieved.
She didn't want his progress to be impeded.
Last Tuesday, Neil came in to replenish his supply.
He said that Barkley was still doing great.
I asked, "Are Jennie's eyes still improving?"
He answered, "No.
We can't afford the money for both Jennie and Barkley, so, Jennie insists that Barkley keep taking the vitamins to keep HIS sight for whatever little time he has left" (!!!!!)
I'll let you, the reader, mull this decision over in your own heart and embrace your own emotions in your own special way.

posted by Janet & Tabitha

Susan's 96 1/2 year old Dad, Another happy ending!

Susan came in with her dad who is 96 1/2 years old & said, "Janet, look at his arms!
What can we do to help them to get better?" To be perfectly honest, what I saw, turned my stomach.
He had huge bruises all over his arms, each, punctuated with a big SCAB!!
His skin was paper thin and blood vessels were bursting sending blood gushing out as though from a geyser!!!!!
The skin was just splitting & breaking open at will. So, Susan asked again, "What can we do?"
I took her aside & said, "Susan, he's 96 1/2 years old.
The skin & veins & capillaries are totally fragile, he's.......OLD!"
Well, SUSAN BEING SUSAN, asked again, "What can we do to help him?" "O.K. first, you said that he's on aspirin every day, right?
So you might involve your doctor with this dilemma because you know that that is one of the "connections".
Now, here's what I'd do for MY DAD (or myself). Vitamin C & Vitamin E help to rebuild tissue.
The Bioflavanoids & Rutin, which are in the rind or skin of the fruit, strengthen veins and capillaries."
Then, I followed up with suggestions of how much of what to take to get results, (hopefully).
There is a scripture in the book of Psalms that states, "The body is wonderfully made."
Going on that premise then, there must be a way to maintain it in some fashion.
Sooooooo..............In a few weeks, (very few), to MY PLEASANT SURPRISE Susan came back in with her DAD in tow WITHOUT split skin, bruises, scabs & veins gushing blood!
I do have more to say about this subject though.
I was watching a program on T.V. about the aging process.
They zeroed in on a 85 year old woman lying in a hospital bed, crying in pain, surrounded by crying members of her family.
Her paper thin skin on her legs was splitting open & blood was gushing our from the fragile breaking veins & capillaries.
The "person in charge" said, "We'll put some creme on it to help numb the pain that's really all we can do. YOU KNOW..............SHE'S OLD!!!!!
Hmmmmmmm!!!!!!! P.S.
I will never give up on searching for ways to have happy endings!!!!!!!

Have a happy Day. J.Barre'

posted by Janet & Tabitha

Guess What??? We've Gone Global!!!

Kathy Colello was in our store buying vitamins for her friend in England.
We mail our "World Of Nutrition" vitamins to people all over the U.S.A.
NOW they're sitting in cupboards in England, Poland, and France!!!!!
Now, that's exciting!

posted by Janet & Tabitha

This Is Why We're Still In Business

Ann came in this week to stock up on her vitamins.
We Were kind of surprised because she had moved to Deep River.
When we asked "Why would you drive that far? That's alot of money for gas!"
Her reply?
Thank you Ann!

posted by Janet & Tabitha

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