About Us

Our store came on the scene 51 years ago when people equated “wheat germ and honey” with most Health Food Stores.
It was our determination to change that image. Our thrust would be education, education, education, with plenty of TLC in the mix.
Years ago a lady in a Health Food Store literally saved Janet’s life.

We laugh a lot and cry a lot with our customers. Hugs are the order of the day, giving and taking. People say, “there’s just something different about this store”.
“We love it here”. We have the same carpet in the store that we have in our home.
We decorate with photos of customers, vintage hats, original paintings, thank you cards from customers, thank you knick knacks from customers, shelves of old books & Tabitha’s dog Louie happily greets customers. Louie makes eveyone just a little bit happier than when they came in!
Everyone feels “at home”. We know all their personal business and they know ours 🙂 Tabitha is the engine & Janet is the engineer.
Tabitha orders everything, prices everything & puts it on the shelf. Janet listens and talks. The key to our relationship? A sense of humor, common goals and deep respect for each other & our respective “gifts”!
Best of all, we love our job!!! The discount houses are definitely threatening our survival. This is why we’re trying this avenue (the internet). We believe that we need to be “available”.

TOLL FREE: 866-666-6863Louie