Welcome to the World of Nutrition’s Website.

We’ve been at the same location, 200 Market Square in Newington Connecticut, for 51 years…… 1971 – 2022. Why do we call ourselves, “The most complete unique and attractive more than a Health Food Store”? Because we are !!!!!!! 🙂  We were one of the first little privately owned Health Food Stores to open up over 51 years ago and are one of the last few that remain open today because of competition from the Internet and Big Box Stores.

We Are Definitely Not A Big Box Store! We though, are proof that “Big things often come in little packages”. Our loyal base of customers “keep us alive”.

I, Janet, the Mom and Tabitha, my daughter, are affectionately referred to as The Dynamic Duo ! 🙂  The solutions to most things are usually simple. We help our customers to address their problems and not simply mask their symptoms. Our chief goal is to encourage our customers to think, use their brain, and participate in coming up with solutions. We spend money on printed literature that we hand out to our customers at no cost to them. The reason? We don’t want to “pursuade” someone to try “whatever”. We want them to pursuade themselves.

Tabitha began stocking shelves and helping customers when she was nine years old. Now? At 55 years old, she runs the business without any computers !!! It’s all in her head. I’m 89 years old, and am planning to be here for at least another 100 years !!!

What’s the “more” in our Health Food Store? On our website you’ll find my Blog entries and Newsletters that I write myself about real people. Maybe I’ll write about You! 🙂 

You’ll find not only Vitamins but Herbs, Teas, Borlind and Aubrey Skin Care Products, Donna Sharp Handbags, Etc. Etc. Etc.

What’s truly “unique?” “Tabitha’s Collectibles”. These are her handmade, sterling silver and base metal, beaded, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, and, she means, One-Of-A-Kind!! If you own a piece of her jewelry? No one else has another one like it!!!

What people say that they appreciate the most about us? We give them our time and attention and listen until they’re through “explaining”. Tabitha and I feel that that’s the least we can do for those who simply want to be heard and hopefully helped. Actually? Sometimes a hug is sufficient. 🙂 

Our goal has never been financial compensation. You really can’t “make it” in this kind of small business any more.

Tabitha and I just love what we do!!!!!!!

Hmmmmmmm! Call or come in and watch us do it! If you live out of Town, State, or Country? Of Course we mail! Call with your credit card and you will be given personal service and your order will be sent out, Priority Mail, the next day (except Sunday).

Please read the article: “Healing from Hypoglycemia: Just Looking for Attention”, to read Janet’s personal experience as to how, 55 years ago, a “Lady in a Health Food Store”, saved Janet’s life”. Then you’ll understand why she and Tabitha keep passing the kindness on!

Thank You!

TOLL FREE: 866-666-686351